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November 7, 2021

So you want to host a show with a rapper as a guest but suffer from a lack of  ideas.

We love listening to podcasts featuring our favorite rap figures and hearing their stories as they take us through the current trend in hip-hop, as well as recent developments in their personal lives (relationships, future projects and collaborations fans should be expecting soon).

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How do you describe your musical style?

Go into the influences and role models that shape the artist’s sound. Let them share the creative or thought process that goes into their music. A good follow-up question will be “what mood are you usually in before going into the booth?”

How do you deal with negative comments from people concerning your music?

The audience wants to know how the artist handles bad reviews. Your guest’s response tells how composed and mature they are in the face of criticism.

Who’s your fashion icon?

Find out who or what inspires the rapper’s looks and costumes during performances.

What artists would you like to collaborate with in the future?

See who your guest will like to work with on their upcoming project and other partnerships they look forward to.

Who is your superhero alter-ego and why?

Here is a question to lighten the mood of the conversation and inject some humor. Inquire about their favorite character from a superhero movie or show.

Do you give yourself a hard time whenever you work long hours in the studio but still don’t get any hits?

Find out how the artist’s attitude in situations where recording sessions don’t meet expectations.

Where do you find artistic inspiration?

Get talking about the things that stimulate your guest’s creativity

What first got you interested in rap music?

Discover the encounter that changed the rapper’s life forever and set them on the path of hip-hop music. The influence may be from their community, a legendary rapper, or a major life event.

Give us an insider tip on what artists are soon to blow up?

Get them to expose up-and-coming MC’s that have the potential to storm the rap game soon.

What’s the best piece of advice another artist ever gave you?

Get your pen and paper ready because your guest is about to give some noteworthy quotes.

What was the first album you ever owned and how did you gain possession of it?

The response to this question is usually a funny story nine times out of ten.


Inviting a rapper on your podcast is an opportunity to share about hip-hop music and its flamboyant culture’s influence on the youth in society. Don’t be afraid to get a little close and personal with your guest and find out things your listeners are itching to know.

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