15 Podcast Reflective Questions

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August 27, 2021

As a host, you should consider yourself a representative to your listeners. Your subscribers all have burning questions they wish to ask your guest. Since you’ve been chanced to get that one-on-one encounter with an expert in a niche or influential persona, it’s up to you to satisfy the curiosity of your audience.

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Now we’re going to go deep, explore the depths of your guest psyche, philosophical principles, and world outlook. Instead of relapsing into overused reflective questions, we have provided a handful of deep-diving questions you should ask your guest on a show.

Ps: You don’t have to use these questions exactly the way they’ve been given. This article is purposed to give you a sound idea of how to compose your questions.

Examples of Reflective Questions


Oftentimes, the best quotes in an interview are extracted from these kinds of questions. Guests drop some jewels at this stage of the interview that reverberates in the hearts of the listeners.

Without further ado, let’s look at some examples.

Professional Reflective Questions

#1 Are you building any projects at the time?

Your guest is likely to release some high-value information about essential processes involved in their field. It creates an opportunity for your listeners to learn from your show.

#2 What were the major challenges you faced while building your company?

Young entrepreneurs and dreamers will be inspired by the struggles of your guest. Your guest’s answer will also prepare listeners for the obstacles that lie ahead of the journey.

#3 What’s the most interesting part of your career?

Questions like this make your guests share the aspects of their work-life that motivate them. A lot of inspiration can be drawn from their answers, giving your listeners much to take home. The remarks of your guest might open your audience’s eyes to the passion in their respective endeavors.

#4 How do you manage to stay on top of your game?

Your guests may share the secrets to their consistency. This question lets your listeners in on some useful practices to maintain success in a dedicated field.

#5 What attitudes have been instrumental to your success?

A good question that will probe the right mindset to ensure survival in an industry

#6 Are you learning any new skills?

The answers reveal areas of your guest’s work or personal life they intend to improve.

#7 How do you deal with stress?

Find out how they keep their heads above the water, even when the pressure of work gets overbearing.

#8 What’s your next gig?

Discover if your guest will be signing out soon, else they have other aspirations outside their current niche.

#9 What realization changed your life forever?

This is a powerful question. Be ready to annotate a quote because what comes next will be truly moving.

#10 How do you respond to criticism?

Have a look inside at what goes through your guest’s minds when people make critical remarks about their efforts.

Personal Reflective Questions

For more personal questions that explore into the heart of your guest, try these questions:

#11 What do you struggle with the most?

#12 What’s the one event in your life that made you feel the biggest adrenaline rush?

#13 What’s your biggest regret?

#14 What gets you excited about life?

#15 Do you believe in fate?

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