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October 1, 2021

Talking politics in a podcast is often an entertaining topic to guests holding political positions, affiliated with government bodies, or well-versed individuals in the current affairs of the state making appearances on the show and taking a seat with such individuals, it is your duty to confront socio-political issues weighing on the mind of your audience.

As the show’s host, you dictate the course of the discussion, driving the dialogue through carefully hand-picked questions for your guest to address. Composing interview questions is an art of its own and in order to master your interviewing skills, read our article on Podcast Interview the Right Way. It contains all the tips, formats and details you need to run an interview like a pro.

Whether it’s a one-to-one podcast interview with your guest or a group of guests are assembled to debate on recent political events, you will find this set of questions interesting as a way to ease into it:

Political Questions Examples

We’ve compiled some thought-provoking political questions to grease your engines and open the road for interesting turns and adventures.

  • When did you become interested in politics?
  • What is your ultimate career goal?
  • Are you comfortable in state houses?
  • Who inspires you?
  • What are the perks of your position?
  • How do you form relationships with politicians?
  • What is your favourite thing about politics?
  • What is your experience with social media?
  • What is your take on government employees generally and the effectiveness of bureaucracy?
  • What makes you dedicated to public service?
  • What attracted you to your democratic party?
  • Tell us the qualities a good leader should possess?
  • What was the most discouraging period of your service?
  • Do you micromanage?
  • Are you working on any books?

Tips for Hosting a Political Persona:

  • Be time sensitive: Time consciousness is essential for political podcasts.
  • Keep it on the recent news: You must render discussion based on trending news to listeners. Tune into the news or consume digital materials, to stay updated on recent political events.

Also, If mentions of historical events occur on your show, ensure they are properly dated.

  • Present with a co-host: Working with an extra host adds more life to the show. The presence of a rival opinion is much more practical than a solo-hosted political podcast. An issue attacked from multiple angles gives the listener a wholesome experience.
  • Be Credible. Listeners see political show hosts in the same vein as news presenters. You represent a dependable source of information and opinion. Make sure all your facts are spot on.
  • Be the voice of your audience: Wear the hat of your listener and ask your co-host or guest questions your audience would want addressed.


With the aid of the questions and tips shared in this article you should be prepared to host a political guest on your show

We have other enlightening articles geared towards helping you create the best podcasts. Narrative-styled podcasts are the best ways to tell stories on a show. If you’d like to create a podcast documentary about a democrat and their experience in public service, read The Ultimate Guide to Narrative Podcasting and present the episodes in a captivating way.

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