Inappropriate Podcast Questions 

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December 2, 2021

What shouldn’t you ask on a podcast? In this article, we’ll look at the kinds of questions you should stay away from while interviewing people on your podcast.

Learning to properly conduct a podcast interview is a valuable skill that is beneficial for the growth and health of your podcast. A good interview satisfies the curiosity of the audience on a topic and thoroughly probes a guest appearance within safe lines. It requires some subtlety, as the interviewer would have to creatively craft questions while remaining conscious of the guest’s boundaries.

A host must mind the questions they ask during an interview and avoid any queries that may make the guest uncomfortable, irritated, or upset. This is why preparatory measures like pre-interviews and survey forms are very important. Planning helps you understand your guest better and allows you to be upfront about the things you’d like to discuss in the interview. This way, the interviewee can filter out talking points they find problematic.

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Inappropriate Questions Examples

Many podcasters, even experienced ones, make the mistake of asking questions at the expense of their guests’ emotions.

Put yourself in the shoes of your guest and steer clear of questions that might trigger them. Some of these questions aren’t obviously offensive, so we’ve provided some examples to sensitize you to the subjects you shouldn’t bring up during your interview.

Here are some examples:

  • Have you ever been arrested before?

Some states have Federal Laws that shun the discrimination of people based on arrest and conviction records. To avoid unnecessary drama, you should stay away from queries that might be taken in that light.

  • How much are you worth? How much debt do you have?

Many people aren’t comfortable sharing their financial situation with the public. Asking questions like this will have your guests shifting in their seats, eager to get over with the interview. Banks make people’s financial information private for a reason. Respect the privacy of your guests and steer clear of their earning and credit records.

  • Tell me about your disability and how it has shaped you?

Such questions and other related queries that pinch people’s insecurities are a huge no.

  • Have you ever considered plastic surgery?

People can read a lot of negative meaning into such questions. The subject of this question might sense an attack on the makeup of their body. Even though you didn’t have any hostile intentions, listeners could easily misconstrue your question as body shaming.

  • Did you lose weight? Or Did you put on some pounds?

This is a touchy subject for people struggling with insecurities about their bodies. A lot of people might find this question very upsetting.

  • Do you intend to get married soon?

This might trigger a lot of bad memories and cloudy emotions. They could be unmarried as a result of disappointments such as failed romances. There are other personal questions your guest would be glad to answer. Check out Podcast Personal Questions for some ideas.

Other Snarky Questions

  • When are you going to have a baby?
  • What is your sexual-orientation?
  • How old are you?
  • How does it feel to be cheated on?


As long as your intention is to remain sensitive to your guest, the chances of asking a provocative question is very minimal. Do well to remain focused throughout the duration of the discourse. Don’t get too excited or carried away and accidentally slip a question that throws off your guest.

As a bonus tip, read The Ultimate Guide to Narrative Podcasting. Learn some techniques for editing your raw interview recording to arrive at a captivating episode that engages your audience and sells your guests story.


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