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August 2, 2021

You’ve started on your podcasting dream, purchased the best recording gear, and have your new episode’s audio file sitting on your computer’s hard drive. What’s next?

One of the most puzzling aspects of every new or established podcaster’s journey is figuring out the best podcast hosting to put their content out there for the world to discover. The dilemma of choosing among the dozens of podcast hosting platforms can be a bit overwhelming. Even longtime podcasters are not alien to these struggles, as they seek new hosts to control the growing needs of their podcasts.

We are here to ease your worries by simplifying the process through a comprehensive review of the available podcast hosts in the market. This article will guide your verdict as well.


Why Is a Podcast Hosting Service Important?

Podcast hosting services are essential because they handle the process of storing and sharing your podcast. A podcast hosting platform makes life easier. They are fashioned with features to work around your specific niche and take care of some technicalities in podcast production.

Additionally, they manage a lot of tasks like:

  • Sharing your content to a podcast distribution service.
  • Attaching descriptions and cover art to your audio file.
  • Embed and share your episodes on social networks or blog sites.
  • Enhancing your audio to a file format and size suitable for your target listeners.


Good podcast hosting services work in tandem with a podcast community, listening to concerns and evolving their services to meet the trend of the times.

As we observe the services now available in this article, you will find that the best podcast hosting solution for you depends on your niche. Whatever your needs are, there is a high chance that a hosting service exists out there that matches it adequately.

Let’s get right to it!


#1 Buzzsprouts

Buzzsprout podcast hosting logo

Buzzsprout is one of the best platforms offering free podcast hosting. However, the free plan deletes uploaded episodes after 90 days. Though perfect for a short-term project, serious podcasters are bound to get weary of this after a while. Other fair-priced plans are available, packaged according to your storage and bandwidth needs.

Additionally, The platform offers stats to help you keep track of activity on your podcast and is very easy to start up. The also launched a new feature recently that offers an audio transcription service rated at $0.10 per minute for starters, which is considerably more affordable than competing services. Transcribing your show gives your listeners a loftier experience.

Buzzsprouts stands out from the competition due to its simplicity and modern features, The interface is styled with a contemporary design that users find alluring, though it was founded a while back.


#2 Anchor

anchor free host for podcasts logo

Anchor is another podcast hosting platform popularly described as a one-stop shop. The Anchor podcast-making app houses all the elements involved in creating a podcast: recording, editing, and hosting through the free mobile app or at their website online. The ease of creating podcasts with the all-in-app features makes it a good stop for beginners.

Anchor offers an unlimited free hosting service with no restrictions on the bit rate of the files uploaded. It gives allowance for high-resolution recordings. Audio recorded at a bit rate of 128 kps is sufficient for speaking-word alone. A podcaster that wishes to capture the senses of their listeners by adding sound effects will lose a lot of details unless they record the episode at 256 kps or higher.

Anchor is a great host for distributing your podcast. It seamlessly disperses your content on multiple streaming platforms including Spotify, all you have to do is upload your audio directly to Anchor. You also have the liberty of selecting which streaming services you’d like your podcast to be featured.


#3 Transistor

Transistor hosting logo

Transistor distinguishes itself from other podcast hosting rivals by giving users the privilege to create unlimited podcasts with one plan. You are also permitted to include other users to the same podcast, which is excellent for team shows. Furthermore, the web app has a customizable interface that is very user-friendly. 

Another outstanding feature of the transistor hosting service is its analytics. Transistor offers informative stats like; the number of downloads on your episodes and estimation of subscriber count. Also, you are free to add other third-party analytics services to your dashboard on Transistor. The supported third-party analytic services are Podtrac, Podsight, Chartable and Podcorn.

Its rich array of analytic tools helps you obtain useful information on your listenership, improve your content based on gathered data and track the progress of your podcast. 


#4 Simplecast

simplecast simple hosting for podcasts logo

Simplecast is a podcast hosting service founded in 2013. Their years of experience make them an undeniable top contender in the hosting scene and a dependable platform that has stood the test of time.

Simplecast plans come in three tiers: basic, essential, and growth. All three packages have a free trial period of 14-days. Other features common to the three are unlimited uploads, listener reports & analytics, unlimited storage space, social network sharing, and a customizable theme.

The difference between the tiers comes to play with the number of total monthly downloads allowed. A cap on your listenership downloads is placed depending on your plan. As your podcast grows and creeps into your limit, you have to upgrade your account.

This platform is an attractive choice for enigmatic users. It offers a user-friendly and theme customizable interface for giving users a unique podcasting experience.

#5 Captivate

captivate marketing host logo

Captivate is a podcast distribution service launched in 2003 that fixes much attention on the welfare of podcasters.

It offers users a personalized goal-oriented program that allows them to set daily goals and track progress. Personal round-the-clock support is also available to enable podcasters to actualize these goals.

This podcast hosting and distribution platform is a favorite among entrepreneurs. It offers a wide array of marketing tools such as audio players, analytics, and distribution alternatives. The tools promote the growth of podcasts and assist the exposure of their services and products.

It has a welcoming interface for new podcasters. The design is simple and easy to navigate, allowing users to concentrate their energy on creating fresh content instead of expounding it in frustration at the complexity of the layout.



Buzzsprout is the most recommended podcast hosting service out there. This platform offers unmatchable ease to users. It has lots of powerful tools that can be seamlessly navigated through thanks to its user-friendly interface. 

Buzzsprout is truly a complete podcast hosting service that provides all the resources for building a successful podcast. You can test the waters with a free plan, but I guarantee that it won’t be long before you upgrade your subscription after having a taste of this service and the possibility of enjoying even more for an affordable plan. 

This service doesn’t only distribute your podcasts but also has awesome tools for promoting your show and increasing your audience range, and if you’re about to launch your show I would recommend reading this article which will give you a range of the best strategies to launch, here.






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