9 Strategies to Grow your Podcast Audience with Social Media

Social media strategy for a podcast

Written by Aimene

Aimene is a podcast producer helping businesses reach their customer’s ears.


August 9, 2021

This article is all the techniques, strategies and formulas I used as a podcast producer to create the blue print for a winning social media strategy for your podcast.

After handling the production aspect of a podcast, before focusing on a social media strategy, an essential part of the work still awaits, which is actually launching your show. Digest a prior article that throws some light on successful podcast launch strategies for putting your show on the road here.

Social media is a winning field where your listeners are surely searching for the next piece of content to satisfy their needs, but Instead of rushing in head first, you must draft a plan to capture the right target audience and convince them that you have what they are searching for, and for that you need to work hard, let’s see what are the steps that you need to make.


Choose your Platform

Choosing one option without a proper analysis of the different audiences and features available is a recipe for disaster, with the dozens of social media platforms available today, you have to


To help you out, here are some questions you must ask yourself:

  • Where is my target audience?
  • Will it help me establish a connection with my potential audience?
  • Does this platform have an active podcast community?
  • What kind of media material will I be using to promote my podcast?
  • Does the social network have features that will help me attract people to my show?

It’s not enough to just share your podcast on said platforms, you must hang around, view and respond to feedback be active and see what does you community wants. You’ll learn far more from your audience compared to self-evaluation.

After considering these factors, you’ll arrive at answers that point you towards the best option for your show, the next step is just to keep experimenting until something sticks.

Extend an Olive Branch and build partners:

Two hands agreeing on a partnership

Put your show in front of more audiences by garnering support from the podcasting community.

Podcast communities are friendly spaces where fellow podcasters or content creators share support, ideas, and advice.

All you have to do is find one that suits you, not necessarily under your niche, and be active by supporting others and giving value, when other see what you bring to the table, you start building your authority and expertise by appearing on other members shows and platforms to get more exposure increasing the awareness of your podcast and expanding the reach of your show to people outside your circle.

A mutually beneficial relationship is the one quality that initiates and sustains a partnership so ensure that you bring something to the table as you benefit.


Communicate With Your Listeners:

Staying active on your account and engaging with your followers goes a long way. Interact with your fanbase on your targeted social platform, give advice, offer resources genuinely promote others and try to improve their lives with your interactions.

This practice may cost you time, as you dedicate a significant amount of it to develop a solid connection with your audience, But it is a great way to develop a strong bond and create a warm atmosphere for your audience.

Also, always being available to your followers can attract other folks, building your reputation as a reliable source for answers.


Post Refreshing Content

Different types of content, write, video, audio, visual image.

You need to update your social account with posts if you hope to get any attention at all. Posting frequently increases the chances of getting noticed, reeling in your potential audience by showcasing all the fascinating content your podcast promises. 

Slip teasers on what to anticipate for your new episodes, offer walkthroughs and guides related to the subject of your channel. It’s okay to make off-the-wall posts or repost other podcasters’ content once in a while when you run out of creative content. This keeps your account busy when the well is starting to run dry from fresh material. 

Uploading engaging information on your account is a wildly helpful way to promote podcasts and keep them top of mind to your listeners.


Work on the Aesthetics of your Account

You know what they say about judging people by their appearance, looks and aesthetic play a principal role in attracting people to a brand, and it is no different from social network branding. It is an undeniable fact, particularly for those seeking to promote podcasts on Instagram. Users are drawn to visually attractive accounts like moths into a flame. 

Incorporating pictures or even videos into your podcast stimulates more of your audience’s senses in painting a better image of your show to potential subscribers

Tailor the visuals of your profile to appeal to your viewers down to the last details. If you can afford the time to do it, have a professional designer or an editor do your visuals. 


Map out a Publishing Schedule

This plan is an attempt to prevent dry spells on your podcast. Consistency is key to gaining and maintaining listeners . Giving yourself a strict schedule in other words a content calendar compels you to make fresh content to regularly upload on your show’s social account. check this article if you want to learn more about creating a content calendar.

Discipline is pivotal to building a stable podcast. Being upfront about recording dates helps you focus your energy on creating the show and less on brainstorming for a free window on your schedule to record.


Be Open to Comments from your Audience

comment exchange and messages

Understanding how your audience receives your show helps you improve on your weaknesses. Your social media community gives your audiences a platform to air their honest opinion.

This feedback enables you to adjust your delivery to meet your listeners’ expectations while also giving you the opportunity to build a strong bond with them so that they keep coming back and showing up the same way you showed up for them.


Leave Links to your Podcast

Another solid podcast social media strategy for growing your audience is by strategically dropping links that connect online users directly to your podcast where it makes sense.

Once your social account has gotten the interest of a potential subscriber, your next move is to direct the traffic to your podcast channel.

Sometimes, all people require is a little shove that drives them to action. Instructing a viewer to follow the link on your post might be all the nudge they need, All said I’m going to make this an excuse to share a link to my podcast.



Make Good Use of Trends

Any millennial knows that hashtags are the most powerful tool on social networks for expanding the visibility of a post. People often use hashtags while searching for a trending topic or related content. 


Attaching hashtags to your bio and posts increases the chances of getting discovered by a user.

Note that hashtags are an aid only when used appropriately. Designating a wrong hashtag misplaces your post in a sea of unrelated content where it will be rendered irrelevant.

This podcast social media strategy makes your content available to accounts outside your reach.




Take heed to this podcast social media strategy guide and watch your listenership grow over time. Do not get too agitated because executing these plans requires patience on your part to gradually build your audience one day at a time.


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