Podcast Survey Questions to Poll your Audience and Guests

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November 5, 2021

Typically, most podcasters are used to the dynamics of being on the giving end of entertaining content to their audience, meanwhile, poll podcast questions give you the opportunity to turn the tables around and place you in a position to get in on the fun too.

Poll podcast questions are probably one of the best ways to engage your listeners on a show. It transforms your audience from passive listeners to active participants, providing a medium for them to share their opinions, perspective, and thoughts with everyone.

Poll questions to ask your audience:

Asking stale poll questions is a waste of a splendid opportunity to build connections and receive information from your audience. We have gathered a handful of fetching poll questions that are sure to arouse interesting responses from your audience.

These examples have been sorted into categories, giving you options to meet your needs at any given instance.

Social Media Based Poll Questions

Poll questions help you leverage your presence on a social platform. It enables you to review the progress of your show and receive feedback that’ll improve the richness of your offering to your listeners.

Here are some amazing social media poll questions to ask your audience:

  • Who is your favorite guest appearance on the show?
  • What’s the one thing about this show you really like and wouldn’t want to change?
  • What attracted you to this show?
  • Do you have any ideas for us on how we can improve the quality of this show technical-wise?
  • Where did you first hear about our show? On this platform?
  •  Any suggestions on what you’ll like us to treat on this podcast?
  • Are there any issues we have addressed on this podcast in the past that you’d like us to review again?
  • Who would you like to see on our show next?
  • We are thinking of doing a crossover episode, who would you like to have us collaborate with?

Funny Poll Questions

Funny polls gather insightful information from your audience while adding humor to your show at the same time. Talk about killing two birds with one stone.

These questions should give you some ideas:

  • What’s the most awkward conversation you listened to on this podcast?
  • Who is hands down the funniest guest ever featured on this show?
  • What are some of the most hilarious moments on this podcast?

Personal Based Polls

Get to know your listeners on a deeper level and discover how much your show affects their lives.

  • Is there any episode on this show you found so insightful or intriguing that you listened to more than once?
  • Tell us something you learned from this show that changed your outlook on life?
  • What advice or quotes have you heard on this show that stuck with you?
  • What was the most relatable episode on the show for you?


Poll questions to ask your guests:

You can also choose to ask your guests and do a pool to know which categories do they belong to.

And for that, you need the right interviewing attitude and skills to pair with these questions. we recommend reading this article on Podcast Interviewing the Right Way.

Personal Based Polls

Ask these questions to get your listeners talking about themselves. Subjects ranging from life experiences to opinions and theories.

  • Do you consider yourself an introvert or an extrovert?
  • Would you rather experience the world’s beginning or ending?
  • Have you ever had a near-death experience? 
  • How do you dissolve tension and relax at the end of a bad day?


Sport based Poll Questions

Sport is a universal activity. It is a subject people enjoy talking about, whether they are making speculations or conversing about games played over the weekend. Many podcasts and talk shows all over the world are organized to analyze and discuss recent events regarding sports,

So if you are a sports guy, here are some questions to ask your guests:

  • What is your favorite sport to watch?
  • What sport gives you the best workout?
  • What sport would you love to play at a professional level?
  • Would you rather be a team player or singular star?
  • Who’s the most promising player in your opinion this season?
  • What team would you stake money on to win The Champions League?

Funny Poll Questions

Funny polls gather insightful information from your audience while adding humor to your show at the same time. Talk about killing two birds with one stone.

These questions should give you some ideas:

  • Are you a dog or a cat person?
  • If animals could talk, which would be the rudest? 
  • Top five funniest movies of all time, what’s your pick?


Poll Question Tips

You’ll have to put in some effort if you want to compose good poll questions that stimulate your audience and return an honest response. Know what works for your audience and generate questions that appeal to their interest.

  • Make them meaningful and precise: you don’t want to just ask for the sake of asking otherwise the audience is going to see them as purposeless questions.
  • Set up your poll on the right platform. It boils down to understanding the persona of your audience. Where does your target audience live? What medium are they likely to use to take a vote?
  • Keep a neutral stand. Do well to make sure you put aside prejudice while crafting questions and entertaining answers from your audience.


These questions can be applied anywhere, on your podcast, landing page, and social media accounts. A bunch of free survey tools are also available online for creating and customizing questionnaires like Survey Monkey, Jot Form, and Survey Maker. They are easy to use and only take a few minutes.

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